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Thomas Choinacky
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I make performance to test perspectives of time and space. Growing up in Indiana, I only fully realized my sexuality, and openly came out as gay, at age 23. Because of this, I believe in transformation as an ongoing process, an ongoing practice without arrival. I think about how audience members are a part of the performance. My work is site-specific where the audience’s perspective is an integral element of the production. In Magnitude I created a nine-hour durational work viewable through a peephole, and Substance, a voyeuristic journey through every room of a South Philly row home. I craft these unusual occurrences in order to make legible the constant transformation we, and our surroundings, are going through in our lives.

In artist residencies in Tallinn, Estonia and Greensboro, North Carolina I researched and formalized an artistic practice focused on defining the architecture of a given space and exploring how it manipulates my movement. This practice brings attention to detail and scale, including the belief that architecture is more than just physical walls, but also the perception of our senses, scaled through memory.

As an artist and writer, my work and practice blends different art forms from theatre to public installation. I want to bring people closer to their own bodies and surroundings. I am currently performing my improvisational movement practice A User's Manual and creating a mobile art installation called Turnstile. I believe art can cultivate citizens who are willing to take their environment in and participate. Building personal relationships around people, process, and place is a vital part of my creative process, as is a long-term vision of community.