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Thomas Choinacky
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A User's Manual
Movement Score

The body in response to architecture.

1)Traveling— Ask: Where am I going? What is the space directing me to do?
2)Objecting— Create an immediate response to objects and architecture in the space
3)Physicalization— Respond to sound and/or textures of the space
4)Externalizing the internal— Notice my internal body and current feelings in the space
5)Weaving— Layer the past, present, and future architectures of the space
6)Historizing— Physically describe the previous performance locations in accumulation to the current performance location

A User’s Manual is a movement score I created which responds to how the body is constantly manipulated by architecture. This solo performance brings attention to everyday spaces and how they manifest movement. Each performance is a unique cataloging of this new performance site, drawing attention to structures, sounds, and history of space with the body.

Premiered in February 2017 in Philadelphia.